Colegio Infantil trilingue con guardería de Varsovia

Teaching method

Linguistic bath

Contact with pre-school teachers, native speakers, and surrounded by either a native or foreign language gives children the opportunity to learn to speak three languages in a very natural way just as monolingual children learn to speak one.

  • The education follows the curriculum based on British, American, Spanish, and Polish pre-school curriculums.
  • Suggested games and activities are songs, short poems, lullabies, rhymes characteristic for each language and culture.

Role playing, stickers, coloring, and drawing activities arranged by the teacher in his/her native tongue lead to the acquisition of the foreign language as a native one.

One person one language

Languages are not mixed as half of the day teachers give classes and provide care in one language, their native tongue. In the afternoon the teachers and the languages swap. The three languages share the same curriculum. Also, all the teachers’ assistants are also native speakers.

One person for the three languages

The Pre-school takes special care to diversify the activities. Subjects of the classes repeat, but they are introduced in class with a different set of exercises and activities. This guarantees attractive classes as well as a balanced level of knowledge for the three languages. The curriculum is supported by monthly events such as theater productions, field trips, and concerts, which also take place in a foreign language.

We create our original curricula from the United States, Great Britain, Spain, and China that supports a quick development of language skills and creates the most natural context for learning the language.

Common reading, songs, stories, plays, and other daily activities that require cooperation with other children and communication with the teacher motivate children to use the language they are learning

Children graduating from the pre-school have a passive knowledge of the languages, so they understand them perfectly. Children use the three languages in all the daily pre-school situations. Depending on their preferences and personal dispositions some children graduate from the pre-school and are able to speak three or even five languages, if at home they speak other languages than those taught in the school.

Teachers- Native Speakers

Teachers and teachers’ assistants in our pre-school are native speakers of Polish, English, Spanish or Chinese. They come from countries all over the world. Aside from teaching their native language, they also teach their culture, respect for others, and individuality.

All the teachers possess their diploma in the education field and experience in working with pre-school children in their native country.

Teachers not only have perfect mastery of the language, but also vocabulary specific for children’s life, known rarely by those who have learned the language as a foreign one.  They also know what kind of games, plays, and activities to organize so that the each class is interesting and engaging.

You can find more information about our teachers by clicking here