Colegio Infantil trilingue con guardería de Varsovia

How does it work?

In all age groups children learn the three languages without mixing

Aby pięciolatek mówił trzema językami muszą być zachowane następujące

A five-year old will speak three languages under the following conditions:

  • Linguistic bath- the child will be “immersed” or maximally surrounded by the
  • One person, one language- a given person will speak only one language, otherwise a child will mix up languages.
  • Language is a tool, not a goal- acquired words, expressions etc. are used for a specific purpose.
  • Suggested activities and games have to be adapted to the age of the child who is motivated by the activity itself, not language learning.  In doing so the language learning aspect of the activity goes unnoticed.

Language is used for communication, which nowadays, in the era of internet and other media, provides the foundation for any activity.  Pre-school teaching with a trilingual educational curriculum gives the child a better chance to use his/her potential, which until the age of six is almost limitless.