International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw

My name is Antonio. I was born in Málaga, Spain. I graduated from the department of Early Childhood Education and Music at the University of Málaga, Spain. I also have a Masters Degree in Psychology. I specialized in helping homeless children with behavioral problems. 
I have been working in the Education since I graduated in 2005. I enjoy and love to work with kids because, in my opinion, every child has their own unique characteristics and therefore require constant learning. I love animals, music, reading and experiencing different cultures. I’m happy to live and work in Warsaw International Trilingual Pre-School.

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My name is Irene, I come from Spain. I studied Primary Education at the University of Málaga in Spain with specialization in the development and educational intervention in the kindergarten and primary, as well as the research and innovation in classroom teaching in the University Camilo José Cela (Madrid) Spain. I have worked in different schools and in the field with students with special educational needs. I have always worked with children. I love to see how they learn and check how I can guide them to achieve the maximum development of their personal capacities. I love animals, travelling and movies. Working in the International Trilingual School of Warsaw is an innovative educational oppotunity that lets me learn along with the kids.

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My name is Anisley Planas González.  I am originally from La Habana, Cuba. I graduated from High Institute of Art in Cuba, with a degree in Art with two specializations, Ballet and Character Dance. I have been working with Pre-school Education since I graduated in 2007. I have also taught in the University of Arts. I speak English and French as a third language.

I enjoy and love to work with kids; they provide the most genuine love. I believe it is a profession that requires patience, pedagogic and love.

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My name is Lorena. I am Bolivian, from the city of Concepción (Santa Cruz province). In Bolivia, in the city of Montero, I worked in an orphanage as a tutor for the youngest group (1-6 years old) for many years. Working in this institution demanded from me a lot of dedication, time and energy. Very often I provided care for 24 hours and more. In the same city of Montero I studied arts in Colegio Evangélico Metodista in the American Institute. I practiced different handcraft techniques with varied materials. In Warsaw I taught Spanish in the School Pia and worked as a private tutor for children and adults. I have lived in Warsaw since 2003.My husband is Polish and we have two small sons: Joaquin and Jeremy.

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My name is Anna. I was born in Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) and at the age of four years I moved to Madrid. I am an elementary school teacher, a graduate in Psychology and Pre-school Education. Since I was a child I was sure that my vocation was directed towards teaching, helping others. I believe that education and especially nursery, pre-school and kindergarten education of the youngest ones has a key role in physical, sensory, intellectual and social development of children, so I feel gto discover the world around and values such as respect, tolerance, companionship and affection.

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My name is Thais Bas. I have worked as a pre-school teacher in Spain. I graduated with a Pre-school Teaching License and diploma for teaching Spanish as a second language (ELE) from the University of Alicante. I have also taught English to pre-school children.
I love to be a teacher and having daily contact with kids. It is a profession that requires lots of preparation and constant development of ones teaching skills but in exchange it pays back with love and joy of a children.

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My name is Ibis. I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I graduated with a Childhood Pedagogy and a postgraduate diploma in Education, Images and Media with Flacso Argentina.
In my spare time, I love traveling and meet new cultures; I think it´s one of best ways of learning and growing as global citizens. I have a passion for teaching and developing programs with children and youth people for this reason I’ve been involved in different organizations in Colombia, England and Poland.
I´ve been working as a teacher around 10 years between preschool and basic primary, mostly of my experience has been with preschoolers. I always try to teach and learn at the same time with my students by using love, joy and innovation by developing their dimensions and context as a potential of learning.

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