International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
12 June 2014
Birthday of our Zosia – Marysia.

We have celebrated with Marysia her birthday in the preschool. We decided to paint our faces to resemble other characters, we had a cake and wished all the best to our birthday girl. Marysia loves singing and learns the words to new songs and poems very quickly. She has good friends in her group – […]

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11 June 2014
Zosia and her 4 birthday.

Zosia is a very active girl and likes sports classess, additionally she attends gymnastics after her classess in the preschool. Her favorite story is Pony which you can see on the birthday cake of our little birthday girl. Happy birthday Zosia!

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8 June 2014
Stefan is celebrating his birthday in the preschool

Stefan has turned 3 and has Peppa pig on the top of his birthday cake because it is his favorite character. He is very talented and learns quickly. He is interested in everything, asks a lot of questions to find out more. He loves books and building structures out of blocks. He has a lot […]

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4 June 2014
Jaśmina’s birthday

Jaśmina is celebrating her fifth birthday in the preschool classroom. We have prepared a birthday cake with her favorite character from the story – Ariel princess on the top. Jaśmina was delighted. She is an artist, she’s very creative and helpful for other children. She likes to be a helper of a teacher. Jaśmina, may […]

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3 June 2014
Borys’ birthday

Borys has turned 5. He celebrated his birthday with us during the classess. He is one of our preschool fans of Scooby Doo. Together with Szymon, Tadzio and Franio they like to impersonate the heroes from the cartoons. Borys also likes to draw the pictures of Scooby Doo which can be surely adapted into the […]

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