International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
19 June 2014
Asia’s birthday

Asia likes all police officers:) She has the best friend in the group – Julek, they like to play together in the preschool classroom. She is always smiling and cheerful. If she could choose the best place to play it would certainly be the playground where you can play out in the open. Happy birthday […]

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17 June 2014
Picturesque scenery

A collection of photos from various art classes. This time our task was to colour our landscapes made of salt dough. We also painted the landscapes on the pieces of paper. Reflecting the nature was easy and we had great fun doing that.

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16 June 2014
The end of year for four-year-olds

The end of year for the group 4.2 was full of memories from the previous year. The parents were present in the classroom and they could see the big progress that their children have made throughout the whole year. We have presented what we have been learning from September until June in 3 languages, e.g. […]

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15 June 2014

On occasion of the end of year our teachers have taken the two-year-olds to the picnic with the menu composed of children’s favorite food. Together they have summed up the whole year and each child received a diploma with congratulations. Apart from lying on the blanket we also organized some sport activities.

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13 June 2014
End of year in the three-year-olds group

Wearing uniforms resembling happy bees our three-year-olds have said goodbye to the previous year in the preschool. In order to recap the year of our classes we have invited the parents. We presented a theatre consisting of a couple of songs in different languages which we have been learning from September until June, each divided […]

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