International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
28 June 2014
End of year for the teachers

As an acknowledgement for the work during whole year, we have organized the cooking workshops in making pierogi (Polish cuisine) for our teaching personnel. Our teachers from other countries learned how to cook one of the most delicious Polish meals. The whole event was concluded with a dinner where we discussed the stories and memories […]

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25 June 2014
Kuba’s birthday

Kuba has turned 3. We have celebrated his birthday together in the preschool. The introduction to the birthday party was the preschoolers’ coloring Bob the Builder – Kuba’s favorite character. Then we brought the cake and sang “happy birthday” and wished Kuba all the best. He is a very joyful boy, he’s got incredible imagination, […]

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24 June 2014
David’s birthday

Spiderman on the top of birthday has been drawn specially for David’s birthday. He is very fond of this red and black superhero. David likes to read and count and he knows all the road signs and markings despite being so young. His specialty is building the spacecrafts out of Lego blocks together with his […]

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23 June 2014
Jaś’ birthday in the preschool

Jaś loves the cartoon Cars where the main character is Lightning McQueen who we have put on the birthday cake. Jaś knows all the characters in that cartoon, he is our great expert and fan of vehicles. He also loves to watch films and fairy tales in English and in the future he would like […]

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22 June 2014
Hania’s birthday

Hania is the queen in our group (always wearing a crown on the head). Her best friend is Dominika. They spend a lot of time together. Hania is great in recognizing the days of week, counting and recognizing the letters. Happy birthday!

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