International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
17 July 2014
Tosia and Franek birthday

Tosia and Franio are one of the siblings who are attending our preschool. Today we were celebrating their birthday. We had two cakes, two birthday persons and double birthday craze. Tosia likes ponies and in the future she would like to become a princess. She’s got her own opinion on everything and knows how to […]

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11 July 2014
Dalia’s birthday

Dalia has turned three. She is a very joyful girl who learns quickly, she is good at recognizing letters and numbers. She likes princesses a lot. Her best friend is Zosia, together they play at the playground. In the preschool classrooms they browse through various books with fairy tales.

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7 July 2014
French week

One week during the summer holidays was dominated by French atmosphere. We have learnt some basic French expressions, French culture and art, their regional food and famous French people. We also had guests from the French institute who told us about France and acquainted us with the famous characters from fairy tales in that country.

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4 July 2014
USA week

As a part of USA week project in our preschool we have prepared the classess for our children dedicated to this great country. We have learnt about its culture, traditions, regional food, we talked about its geographical location and national symbols. Also as a part of our weekly travel around the States we were visited […]

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1 July 2014
Madzia’s birthday

Magda has turned three today. She is very cheerful and she is always smiling. Her best friend is Zosia, together they love to play with blocks and balls. Their favorite color if violet, they often choose the toys only in that color.

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