International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
16 August 2014
Jan’s birthday

Jaś has turned 5, today we are celebrating this fact together. We have organized the cake, balloons and greeting cards. Jaś is a very cheerful person, in the future he would like to become a policeman, he draws mainly patrol cars and fire trucks at the back of the worksheets. He knows exactly how they […]

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13 August 2014
A visit to the Romanian embassy

The parents of our four-year-olds have invited the preschoolers to visit the Romanian embassy. Once we got there we talked about this beautiful country, particularly its traditions. We have also seen short movies from Romania and then we played football in their garden. The ambassador himself came to welcome us. It was a very interesting […]

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7 August 2014
Bruno’s birthday

We have celebrated Bruno’s birthday in the preschool. On that occasion we ate the cake, sang ‘happy birthday’, painted the faces, played birthday games and wished him all the best. Bruno is our Maths genius, huge fan of Wally and Lightning Mcqueen. In his free time he likes to write down the names of all […]

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26 July 2014
Goodbye to Arthur

Today we have said goodbye to Artur from our preschool group. We are very sorry that he has to go, but his parents decided that it is time to attend and have fun in public preschool. Hopefully he won’t get bored there:) On that special occasion we played Artur’s favorite games and we had a […]

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22 July 2014
Chinese week

Due to the fact that we are celebrating the Chinese week we have set out on a travel to great China and took a look at its different regions. We had the classes on making Chinese lampoons, we learned Chinese dance and we did a cut and paste of a panda. During that period we […]

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