International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw

My name is Anabel. I was born in Picassent-a town near Valencia (Spain). I graduated from the department of Early Childhood Education and Business Administration and Management. I am a swimming instructor (I mostly worked with young children) and a lifeguard. I decided to study Early Childhood Education because I love everything related to children and undoubtedly such a profession must be passion-driven. I enjoy teaching kids because they never cease to amaze me. I feel a deep satisfaction thinking of what I have accomplished with them every day of my work. In the early stages of their lives children should be taught in the nursery, pre-school and kindergarten in such a way that they are ready and willing to learn. They should be taught in a relaxed atmosphere, with no stress and hurry, allowing them to enjoy learning and making mistakes because mistakes are a part of growing up process. It is important for them to become independent on the psychological, physical and social level. It will allow them to become self-confident people aware of their capacities.


My name is Virginia. I graduated from Pedagogy department and master course in Therapeutic Pedagogy. I love to travel and to experience different cultures and I think the fact of speaking different languages is a key that opens a lot of doors. Throughout our lives we meet people from different places and communicate with them. It greatly enriches the experience. The nursery, pre-school and kindergarten lets me do what I really enjoy: working with children because they get the better of me and I believe it is one of the most beautiful professions that exist. I think I observe, understand their needs and convey, in a nurturing environment, behavior patterns being the key to a truly integral education. In my spare time I enjoy discovering music of any style and reading about any topic related to education and more specifically to people with special educational needs. I love meeting different people and learning from them.


My name is Helen and I am originally from Austin, Texas, USA. I graduated with a degree in English and French. I have been working with kids my whole life, from literacy programs to swimming lessons to summer camps. For the past two and a half years, I have focused specifically on ESL students. I taught for one year in the Republic of Georgia with children aged 8 to 18. When I went back to the US after working in Georgia, I taught children aged 1 to 3 for one and a half years in a pre-school setting. I decided to move to Warsaw to work at Three Languages because I believe that the language development of children is crucial at the pre-school age and I want to be learn more about how children learn languages. I hope to continue my studies in Early Childhood Development and ESL teaching. I love working with children because they are so excited about life and learning. For me, teaching through play is the best and easiest way to work with young children. I hope that while I’m here at Three Languages, I can learn even more about how these kids grow, learn and develop. I also hope that I will be able to teach them to keep their amazing sense of curiosity about life and languages as they grow up.


My name is Lucia. I am 22 years old. I was born in Galicia and when I was six I moved to Asturias. I graduated from the University of Oviedo and Universidad Camilo José Cela de Madrid with diploma in Early Childhood Education. I spent one year at the University of Magdeburg-Stendal at the department of Early Childhood Education in Germany where I did my training in Berlin. Later on I worked as a pre-school teacher in a bilingual German-Spanish school in Hamburg. I speak English, German, and French. I also completed many specialized courses related to education and teaching Spanish as a foreign language at the Instituto Cervantes in Hamburg. My passions are reading, traveling, and teaching. I love working with small children because I believe that education is fundamental for the development of a child’s autonomy, capacities, and personality. I think that linguistic immersion in the pre-school is a great opportunity  to learn languages that may be very useful in the future. A Pre-school is  a natural and play-based place full of affection and security.