International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw

My name is Marcin. At the end of high school I decided that I will  work with children and make it my profession. I enrolled the department of Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw, where, during many hours of practice I had to prove that a man with a passion can be a good teacher.During my studies I worked as a male nanny.

During the last year of my college I started working in a kindergarten, where I spent two years teaching children aged 2.5-6 years, then as an educator in a nursery and in an  elementary school.

I love working with children, see their faces when I show them something they have never seen berfore,  the joy when they learn something new. Showing them the world and its wonders fills me with pride and I am very happy that I can do it.

In my free time I love to read, I also try to pass my love for books  to the children.

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My name is Karolina. I graduated from  the School of Pedagogy in Warsaw-department of pedagogy with Early Years Teaching . And then my dream came true: I am working with children as a teacher. In my spare time I like to read books, deepening my knowledge of pedagogy.

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My name is Martyna. I graduated from the Upper School of Social Sciences and I received the Master’s degree in preschool education and educational therapy. My passion for working with children began very early. Already as a 10 year old girl I knew I would be a teacher. I cared for children aged from 1.5 to 6 working as a support teacher in a kindergarten and private nurseries. Working with children gives great satisfaction and is very inspiring. Seeing the smiling faces of kids and monitor their progress in the development gives a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

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My name is Agnieszka. I am a special education teacher. I graduated from the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. For the last three years I worked in a preschool with children from 2 to 3 years old. Working with children gives me a lot of pleasure and lets me keep a piece of spontaneous child in me. I firmly believe that the preschool age is the most beautiful but also most important time in the lives of children because it shapes their curiosity and desire to explore the world. I really like the idea of holistic teaching through play and immersion in the language. I like preparing classes where children can actively participate and explore the world with all their senses. I like looking at them smiling and happy faces. I hope that I will be able to pass them my love of music and of the surrounding world, and that they will be able to touch, hear, taste, see how beautiful and interesting the world is.

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Ann Caroline

My name is Ann Caroline. I was born in Sydney, Australia, where I lived until my return to Poland in 2000. I graduated from the National Art School in Warsaw and Photo studies. Now I am just about to start studying pedagogy and early education. I have one and a half year of experience working with the youngest nursery children in the three languages pre-school​​. In my work with children I pay attention to recognize and develop their artistic talents, imagination and aesthetic sense. Working with children is very inspiring and satisfying. The best part of it is that they not only learn, but also, let me understand their wonderful perception of the world around us. I spend my free time on sports, reading, art works and photography.

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My name is Wiola.  In my childhood I used to read Thumbelina, watch Winnie the Pooh, jump in muddy puddles, and make soap bubbles.  One day I changed my rubber boots and Winnie the Pooh for a violin, bow, and first notes. The violin and music turned into being a great passion of mine. I graduated with distinction from the Musical School’s violin and piano class. Also, I love playing guitar. I got my BA in therapeutic pedagogy and rehabilitation. Currently, I am continuing my studies at the Stefan Wyszyński University at the department of pre-school and primary school pedagogy. 
Working with children is my life’s adventure.  Observing the first steps children make, listening to their first words and sentences, answering their questions are all priceless daily joys. The possibility to direct a child’sdevelopment, to give ncentive, to motivate and support them through music, poems, and stories is also precious.
Sometimes I have a hard time staying in one place. I have 100 ideas a minute and boredom is something I’vecrossed out of my dictionary. I oppose categorizing people as I think that everyone is special and deserves his or her 5 minutes.  
Being spontaneius and joyful  are definitely the traits that we can learn from children. They defnitely know best what they mean.

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My name is Monika. I am a psychologist and therapist by education. My career with children started many years ago with the scouts where I took care of the youngest ones. I knew then that contact with other people is the very important to me. I worked in a cultural center where I organized activities for the toddlers, lead science club and took a training with a firemen brigade for the last four years. Working with children is an adventure. I try to discover the world with them using all the senses. This is why we dance, sing, learn new flavors and smells. I am very lucky because I have a job where one can have lots of fun.

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My name is Julia. I am currently studing at the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw. I am about to finish the specialization of primary and pre-school education. I can easily say that my work with children began 10 years ago as a babysitter. I learnt to work with the group, and also a group of children  as a member of the Przymierze Rodzin (Families Congregation). Working with children gives me a lot of satisfaction. I like French language. In my spare time I like roller skating or cycling. In addition, I am dependent on travelling on short and long distances.

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My name is Kasia. I started working with children  in 2009. I graduated from the department of  pedagogy  and education. Since October I have been  studying at Warsaw University majoring in preschool education and early childhood.

Over the past six years I gained experience working with the youngest in two English-speaking kindergartens in Warsaw.

Working with children gives me great satisfaction and allows me to participate in education, science, fun, getting to know the world.

It is important for me that children feel comfortable in the school. I try to ensure that the children in my group can fully live their childhood and where every day they can discover their great development opportunities.

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