International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
Anna Maliszewska

My name is Anna Maliszewska. Professionally as well as hobby-wise I am a linguist. I specialize in bi and multilingual children. I have been teaching languages I know best for last 10 years: Polish, English, French and Spanish. From the scientific and professional point of view I know how to teach children languages to make it the most natural process just like it happens in multilingual families. If acquisition occurs naturally children usually don’t mix up languages. My educational concept is supported by my everyday life: my teenaged son is already quadrilingual and my younger daughter who attended nursery, pre-school and primary now speaks fluently four languages: Polish, French, English and Spanish. My youngest son is surrounded by French, Polish and Spanish at home and in the nursery he attends he learns Polish, English and Chinese. I want to give children everything they need to develop harmoniously, thus I decided to procure our school founded in 2009 its own educational curriculum. It is common for the three languages , which in consequence guarantees balanced linguistic development of each child. Since 2014 I actively support linguistically our trilingual classes in the primary school.

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Kasia Łabuda

My teaching history began in 2003 when I became an educator and instructor of one of the scout groups. Since that time:

  • I completed pedagogical studies of early childhood and primary education at he University of Warsaw

  • I completed the studies of educational management at the Academy of Specialised Pedagogics

  • organized and programmed events and projects in the Academy of Sport and Creative Development EDUKADO

  • I worked as a curriculum coordinator at KidsFun

  • I worked at the International Kindergarten Paddington Bear in Warsaw and managed its nursery.

  • I was the managing director of Mum and Baby club in Praga Południe

  • Since 2011 I have worked as  preschool director in the International Trilingual School of Warsaw in Karowa and since september 2015  as preschool director in Ecole Antoine de Saint Exupery ul.Nobla 16

  • I worked for one of the biggest Polish youth scout organizations with each of the age groups (7-18)

  • For two years I was the curriculum coordinator for ZHP (Assocuiation of the Polish Scouts)

  • yearly I organized a one month holiday scout camp for more than 150 kids

  • I was part of the managing board of the Scout rescue School

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Previously I worked as a teacher in kindergarten groups and administrative and office staff. I was also a vice director of a private preschool. Working with children gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

My work at the Pre-school Three languages ​​began in December 2012. I support the director in her daily tasks as a deputy director.It is great to work in a multicultural environment.

I am interested in history and literature. My passion is mountaineering.

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