Ecole Maternelle et Crèche Trilingues de varsovie

I’m Julien and I’m from the north of France.

After finishing Sport University in Lille, I was involved a lot in social volunteering in France and Italy while working in sports for children and adolescents as an animator and director.

Then I went to Sweden as an au pair to work for French family. After this I started working for a trilingual school for children aged 1 to 6 years and I was in charge of a group as a French speaker for the English section,

responsible for motor skills. During these four years I have had pedagogical and organizational responsibilities. I also worked for 2 years in a parental nursery while giving French lessons in order to obtain the DELF diploma.

I am currently waiting to obtain my diploma as a  Young Child Educator by validation of professional achievements.

I arrived in Warsaw in September 2013 to live with my partner. First, I worked for a bilingual school in the group of 2 and 3 years before I commited myself to the trilingual project in Saint Exupéry.

“Education is not to force-feed but to feel committed hunger” this quote reflects my state of mind. Children are the future of our society and our world, this is why I am committed in 100% to help the child in his intellectual, social, and cognitive development.

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My name is Isabelle, I come from Canada.I graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal. From birth I was raised as a bilingual child in English and in French. Since 2014 I taught English and French to children in diverse language schools including Empik school. The biggest reward I receive at work is to observe how children learn and develop. In my  free time I pursue my culinary talents.

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