International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw

My name is Leon and I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia, on the other side of the world! I have previously studied Psychology and English Literature at La Trobe University in Australia. I received a scholarship from my university to study teaching in Sweden and it was during this time that I embarked on teaching English to children. Teaching quickly became a new-found passion as I found it to be challenging, rewarding and above all fun.

Since locating to Warsaw I’ve begun teaching preschoolers and continue to enjoy it immensely. I love teaching preschoolers because they are eager to learn and are curious about everything. The experience of guiding children to learn and to strive to reach their potential is wholly satisfying.

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Mary Ann

I am Mary Ann 30 years of age and from the Philippines. I graduated from The University of Manila with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. My experiences with children began when I started working for families as a nanny
here in Poland. I’ve felt that being a nanny is like being a parent as well. I’ve worked with children ages 3 months old up to 4 years old. My love for children started way back at an early age when I had the opportunity to work as assistant teacher to my cousin who
was working then as a teacher at the Montessori School, an international English speaking pre-school in the Philippines. I myself was reared and educated by educator aunts and uncles. I love traveling, meeting people and cooking.

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My name is Jessica. I am from New Jersey, USA where my family has been operating a private pre-school and child care center since 2001.
While I am American, my family is originally Italian and so I have dual citizenship between the USA and Italy. I have worked with children of all ages for ten years through my family’s institution which prides itself on global and environmental awareness.
I graduated from the College of New Jersey and I have dedicated most of my professional life to teaching children. As well as teaching American students, I have also taught kindergarten in Istanbul, Turkey and was employed as a private tutor and nanny in Australia for a time.
Educating children is not only important to me, but amazingly rewarding as I watch my students transform through learning. Three Languages is a school that I whole-hearted believe in because it combines a unique blend of cultures and understanding that not all children have the chance to experience. I hope I can guide the children I work with into not only a better understanding of English, but knowledge of multiple cultures and global awareness.

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My name is Denise. I moved to Poland at the beginning of June 2013 to work at The Three Languages Preschool. I am from Indiana, USA and obtained my B.A. from Indiana University. I had studied Spanish throughout school so when I graduated from university I moved to Spain to teach English. I got a job at a private school in Madrid teaching children between the ages of 2-5 and I realized that this was the age group I wanted to specialize in. I stayed in Madrid for 15 years and then returned to the USA where I worked as a lead teacher for 1-2 year olds. Then I got the opportunity to come to Poland. I like being able to participate everyday in the children’s development and to understand each child’s capabilities in order to help them grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually at their own rate. I am lucky to enjoy the work I do and we can all learn and have fun together.

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My name is Raquel. I began working in Three Languages in May 2013. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I have a large family consisting of seven siblings, my mother and a stepfather, who shaped me to be the person I am today. I am married to my husband, who is from here in Warsaw, since 2011 and we have a daughter. I began working with children from the very young age. I took care of my nieces and nephews almost everyday after school and during weekends. I enjoyed caring for them so much that I went into child care job. I started to work for other people’s children, ages four to seven, as a private tutor for computer and English lessons. Fortunately, I found an opportunity to work in Hong Kong as a nanny and private tutor at the same time. During my time there, in nearly six years, my knowledge and experience in child caring grown more and I realized how much life enrichening this field could be. Being able to teach children things they will use in their whole lives is very rewarding. I worked for Chinese, American and Australian families until I got married and moved here in Warsaw. Here at Three Languages, I enjoy the one-in-one interaction with the children and it really amazes me how much children can learn from playing and interacting with other children. Children are always eager to learn new challenges and I love seeing their individual development grow and blossom into unique personalities.I am excited to be part of the team because Three Languages is one large family with everyone having the same love for the children and I’m looking forward to build many positive memories.”

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I  grew up in Ontario, Canada. I attended Wilfrid Laurier University and graduated with honours. I have been a successful kindergarten teacher for 3 years. My primary focus is teaching English as a second language (ESL). I’ve received high praise from all of her previous employers. I have a particular skill of creating effective and fun lesson plans for young learners. Teaching is one of her many passions.
I highly enjoy painting and writing. I frequently visit museums and art galleries on my free time. I use my knowledge and art skills to create interesting art projects for my students. I am  also very active as I travel the world exploring and volunteering. I have worked with young children in developing countries to teach them English. I plan to continue working with children because I remain passionate about inspiring others.

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My name is Yomeshka. I graduated from the University of Johannesburg with qualifications in Hospitality Management. In conjunction with valuable experience gained with multinational and multilingual individuals within and outside the Hospitality industry I offer an integrated approach in teaching individuals of all levels and ages. To gain further knowledge in teaching, I attended a course for an ESL training programme and received a certificate in this regard.

My experience in teaching English goes back around ten years ago where I trained non-native English speakers within the Hospitality industry. For the past three years I have focused on ESL learners, gaining some experience in South Africa, China and Moscow. My main focus in the past three years has been on very young learners and young learners. My teaching style varies during lessons using appropriate games which I integrate into the lessons making it fun and interactive.

To date I have established great rapport with my students as well as their parents.

My experience thus far has been an extremely rewarding one knowing that my students not only take home learning English and enjoying it but also valuable life lessons learnt.

It is quite an achievement for me knowing that I am teaching the next generation.

My love for teaching and working with children and people grows every day. I am known to be a friendly and an approachable individual with an excellent relationship with children as a result I am able to get their attention during lessons.

I am a firm believer that commitment, trust and open communication are very important factors in any environment. Being able to adapt quickly and positively to challenging situations whilst remaining calm, focused and positive but also flexible are some of my traits.


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My name is Noemi. I’m from Philippines. I’ve always loved working with children, ever since I was little. I worked as babysitter in my early years in Philippines. After I came to Europe in 1996, I lived in Sweden for fourteen years. I learned Scandinavian life style, also attitude towards children. I had a chance to work as assistant in Swedish preschool. In 2010 I moved to Poland for new experience. I have four daughters. My husband is Polish. My parents and six brothers live in Philippines. I speak, Swedish, English, little Polish also. I like children and helping people. I also like, planting, cooking, travelling and spending time with my friends. I like sports – diving, golf, ice skating. I learned to ski here in Poland. I hold driving license, I am also fork lifter operator.

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My name is Sandra. I am a Canadian Citizen with an Egyptian background. I have lived abroad all my life in many different countries. I was in Canada for a few years and afterwards I moved to the Gulf region and lived in Bahrain and Oman. Later on I moved back to Egypt. Since I have always been moving around, I consider myself International more than anything. I have four years experience in the education field at International Schools. I have worked as a full-time teacher in Spain and Egypt. I have also done some volunteer work teaching English in Krakow, Poland. I have experience working with different age groups both children and adults however, I have enjoyed working more with children.

I believe that no matter what stage of our lives we’re in, we should always seek excellence and strive for perfection. We should be determined to better ourselves on both a personal and a professional level and in every opportunity and experience that meets us, we should always be challenged.

I have learned that a positive learning environment in the classroom and consciously encouraging students to be the best they can be is the most essential and key ingredient to building a sound and lasting foundation and relationship with them.

Being an educator and a nurturer, therefore, have been my goals from the start. My creativity and my ability to work hard have enabled me to excel in my workplace, a notion reinforced by the positive feedback I have received from students who have responded to my varied teaching methods, ideas and activities.

I am not only motivated to work and inspire children, but also to challenge and aid them to develop their skills.

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I am Kristen Klepac and I grew up on a small farm in central Texas.

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in English.
I have been taking care of kids for as long as I can remember. As an older sister, babysitter, a tutor and a daycare employee, I have had a variety of experience with children from infants to intermediate level students.
Working with kids is always such a joy. Imaginative, curious, and forever providing a new way to look at the world are just a few of the many qualities that kids have and these are just a few of the things that make child care the most rewarding job I’ve had.
Additionally I love reading, music, theater, art, Legos, cooking, family, friends, coffee and adventures.
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