International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw


We do our best so that every child feels like a member of their group
and small international community.  The aim of our efforts is to:

  • Let the child find his/her place in the group

  • Let him/her accept the rules that define it

  • Learn from his/her peers

  • Teach him/her to participate in the life of the group but not to lose his/her
    own independence

  • Let him/her discover new languages, customs, and cultures

  • Teach him/her to respect differences

  • Teach him/her to express his/her individual opinion

The curriculum of our pre-school lets the child build a strong feeling of self-confidence, respect for themselves, and for others.  Children learn to feel independent and value themselves. We achieve this through songs, games, and organized activities. After a couple of months children understand their surroundings perfectly.
At the age of two, sometimes earlier, children feel the need to be independent. From a very young age we try to create the best conditions for them to enhance their independence. The pre-school teachers strive to teach children how to dress, eat and use the restroom on their own. First attempts at being independent always have side effects such as: dirty pants, hands covered with paint or crayons, and the occasional bumps or bruises.  However, they are unavoidable if we want the child to be self-sufficient and self-confident.Teachers do their best so that children learn as fast as possible to dress, eat, use the bathroom, solve conflicts, and manage their emotions on their own. In older groups beginning from 4 year olds children learn how to read and write.

This means that with teacher’s help:

1-2 year olds eat independently

2-3 year olds use the bathroom on their own

3-4 year olds dress themselves

4-5 year olds read, write, and count to 100

5-6 year olds improve reading, writing, and counting skills

We support Parents in their efforts to teaching children autonomy. Within our means and resources we also help children with special educational needs.