International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
21 August 2014
A visit in Italy

As a part of “Italian week” we visited the nearby reading room to find out more about this country, its location, traditions and inhabitants. Later we went to Dominium Pizza to see and learn how to make pizza. Each of us made it according to one’s own taste by adding the favorite toppings. The following […]

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19 August 2014
Summer activities at the playground

The group of five-year-olds decided to put the good weather to the use and go outside to the playground to catch some fresh air. The activities at our playground are always great, the sandpit is the best – everyone wants to spend some time there even just for a while. Sometimes we need the time […]

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17 August 2014
A visit in Kenya

During one of the summer weeks the children together with their teachers went on a trip to Kenya. Children participated in many art classes, where they learnt about this far away country. They wore beautiful and colorful necklaces, paper crocodiles straight from the river Tana started to appear in the classes, and the walls were […]

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16 August 2014
Jan’s birthday

Jaś has turned 5, today we are celebrating this fact together. We have organized the cake, balloons and greeting cards. Jaś is a very cheerful person, in the future he would like to become a policeman, he draws mainly patrol cars and fire trucks at the back of the worksheets. He knows exactly how they […]

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13 August 2014
A visit to the Romanian embassy

The parents of our four-year-olds have invited the preschoolers to visit the Romanian embassy. Once we got there we talked about this beautiful country, particularly its traditions. We have also seen short movies from Romania and then we played football in their garden. The ambassador himself came to welcome us. It was a very interesting […]

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