International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
27 May 2014
Jeremi’s birthday

Jeremy is very sociable. He is always telling jokes and everyone likes him. In the future he wants to become a fireman, he likes to sing and dance to the famous hits. He is incredibly smart, he is interested in cars and dreams about the trip to London. Jeremi has just turned 4!

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25 May 2014
Alicia’s birthday

Alicia is a very active girl, she is always willingly participating in classess and games. She loves to go down the slide at our playground. She is always smiling and being cheerful, especially when we start to dance. Today was her third birthday, we had a pleasure to celebrate this event with her.

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23 May 2014
A visit at the pony’s

Since it is Children’s Day we took our nursery groups to have a ride on a real pony. Those beautiful creatures have taken our little ones for a ride among the park alleys. The ponies are very friendly and didn’t mind being stroked on their dense fringe.

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20 May 2014
A trip to the theatre of dolls

The group of four-year-olds went to the Lalka theatre for children. The play was performed with the use of hand-made hand puppets – it was magical and enjoyable. While at the theatre we had a chance to have a look inside the wardrobe and the prop studio. Theatre is a perfect place for us, everything […]

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18 May 2014
Trip to Gongolina

Our older preschool groups have gone to Gongolina for a two-day trip. We have spent there our first night outside the house without the parents. There were many activities. We took part in cooking classes, we had a campfire to bake sausages and sing the songs and we had a walk around the nearby area. […]

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