International trilingual pre-school in Warsaw
27 March 2014
Time to say goodbye to Jaś

We were a bit sad yesterday because it was the final day of Jaś in our preschool. We have to admit that we liked him a lot so it was not an easy thing to say goodbye to him. That is why we decided to prepare his favorite games. We also made some beautiful posters […]

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26 March 2014
Concert with Mozart

As a part of “Art” project the group of five-year-olds attended a concert of Mozart music. It was performed in English. Meeting the epoch of Wolfgang Amadeus was quite a surprise. Apart from hearing the fragments of his works and some biographical information we also learned a couple of interesting pieces of news e.g. what […]

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25 March 2014
Kostek and Antek are celebrating their birthday

Kostek and Antek are a couple of friends who like to spend time together. We managed to organize this celebration in such way that they could spend it together. The tiger on the top of the Kostek’s cake is a reflection of his character – he likes being active during the classes. His favorite games […]

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23 March 2014

The five-year olds have gone to the Plac Zamkowy squre to try their hand at drawing. Their task was to draw the Royal Castle while looking at its real image. In fact it wasn’t such an easy thing to do. They had to capture as many details as possible and maintain the real image. Our […]

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21 March 2014
Spring cleaning in the garden

Spring is coming and the group of five-year olds has taken part in the classes dedicated to planting. Each preschooler had a chance to plant the seeds of vegetables or colorful flowers. The gardening adventure was quite a challenge but we did a good job.

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